The Compass OSI Model

There’s so much more to the computer in front of you than just the screen and keyboard. There is the cable that your computer is connected to, the wall it’s plugged into, the wifi that you’re connected to, the router that is plugged into the switch with an Ethernet cord, and so on. When you…

How to Prevent a Business Email Compromise Attack

Did you know? Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most common threats today. It employs tactics like impersonating an executive, HR, or a trusted vendor to initiate fraudulent transfers of money. According to the FBI, $1.7 billion was lost to BEC in 2019 alone. Here are tips from the FBI to stay secure:…

The Solution… Compass XaaS

Welcome to the New “Normal”  It wasn’t long ago now that 2020 hit us hard with a very challenging “welcome to the new normal.” For some, the transition to working remotely was quite challenging. For many, it was an imperative. At Compass Consulting, we leverage cloud computing technologies with our cloud offering, Compass XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service). With a cloud-based solution, you’re…

Managed Services ‘One Plan’

Managed Services
You have One Requirement… That your IT works. We have One Plan! What is the cost to your business if your network goes down? How long can you survive a network outage before causing irreparable damage to your business and reputation? In the event of a catastrophic network failure, how quickly can you resume operations?…
Disaster Avoidance

Disaster Avoidance vs. Disaster Recovery

Disasters will happen.  With a Southern California locale, Compass Consulting is no stranger to earthquakes, wildfires and other natural disasters.  Other regions of the country contend with hurricanes, tornadoes, and similar catastrophic events that can cripple a business’ fragile infrastructure in seconds.  Sadly, this does not even begin to address manmade disasters – acts of…
Nymbus XaaS

New from Compass: Compass XaaS Spotlight

Compass Consulting presents its new offering: Compass XaaS, a technological advancement where traditional platforms and delivery methods have given way to any IT function transformed into a service. With products, tools, and technologies literally at your fingertips, you know something awe-inspiring and electrifying is here. Compass XaaS provides your business with a full “virtualization” menu:…
Why Companies Need to Invest in Technology

Why Companies Need to Invest in Technology

During a recent sales call, I spent a few minutes in a showroom waiting on my customer (client name and industry withheld to protect the “innocent”).  I marveled at a glass display case full of manufactured components that would ultimately find their way into some of the most intricate and technologically advanced equipment the world…
making the switch blog image

Making the Switch – An Onboarding Guide to Compass Consulting

So, you’ve decided to make the switch away from your current IT provider.  Perhaps they brought little value-add to your business, were rarely proactive in their solutions/recommendations, had little understanding of your specific industry, or failed to provide that personal touch with their communication – congratulations, the most difficult part of your transition is already…
The Premier IT Consultant

Compass Consulting – The Premier IT Consultant

The Typical IT Guy The computer network had been working fine the day before but was now staring back at me, cold and lifeless. I went through the standard layperson’s repair protocol (jiggle it around, unplug and plug it back in, and a swift kick for good measure), before confessing to the office, “Yeah, we’re…
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