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World’s largest trade organization in their industry servicing over 2,500 organizations. Founded in 1954, and located in Oxnard, CA, our client services repair specialists, students, schools, and suppliers. Their focus is on membership support, training, research, and improvements within the automotive industry. Their members are spread throughout the USA and Canada providing the largest network of specialists in their industry.


Client was utilizing multiple, disparate systems/websites throughout the organization. Operations included: organization management, event registrations, a member shop locator system, member and supplier management, magazine advertisement sales, a membership technical service ticketing system, and consumer publications. These systems and data were generally isolated, utilizing independent solutions for operation and sign-on.


The client’s goal was to integrate all on-premise and cloud-based systems through a single sign-on solution and integrated with their trade association management application acting as the centralized system of record.


We deployed a new cloud-based association management system, designing a software solution around it that included a cloud-based authentication database that served as a central repository for all required integration and single sign-on data. This data is also used to supply the necessary parameters for custom web services and API calls to multiple cloud-based applications. New customer websites were developed with consistent branding, including a universal account bar and single sign-on component common on all sites. This solution provides the entire trade association staff and membership with single sign-on authentication and easy access to all web-based trade association assets.


C#, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, JavaScript/jQuery, API


All departments are now working within a sole system of record, dramatically increasing efficiency and preventing error-prone duplication of data. Live data updates to the association management system are automatically pushed to the features on the membership websites. Custom analytics and database information tracking was deployed to help provide insights throughout their user base. Ease of use and consistency between all platforms has created a much improved user experience. Streamlined internal processes have dramatically increased efficiency, saving costs and allowing the staff to focus their time on their core mission of serving the association’s membership.


[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Dennis Madden” company=”ATRA CEO, Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association”]Partnering with Compass Consulting was a great choice for us. The techs there really know what they’re doing and give us excellent service. And they’re nice people too![/us_testimonial]
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