Retail Systems

There Is No Greater Stress Than That of an Inoperable POS

That may be a bit of an overstatement, but if  you are an owner, store manager, cashier, or retail IT support person, you know how the stress of an inoperable point-of-sale system feels. Owners are losing customers, losing money, and losing faith in the system and those maintaining it. All eyes are on the staff who are helpless in the face of impatient stares and long lines. And the IT support person can’t work fast enough.

Compass Consulting staff have significant experience installing, configuring, and maintaining retail systems in many different environments, from single terminals to multi-store installs. Our best-practice installation methods, solid configurations, and expedited remote and on-site service keep our clients’ store systems up and operating at optimum performance levels.

We offer solutions from single electronic cash registers to QuickBooks Point-of-Sale systems. We also can be relied upon for large-scale retail project management, we can act as vendor liaisons, or provide installation crews and support teams.

Please contact us if you’d like to hand off the job of retail systems implementation and support to a trusted resource.

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