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  • Project Management
  • Solitary Roaming
  • Rock-Climbing
  • Meditation

Aristotle School of Walking Wanderers
Bachelor of Science – Peripatetic Philosophy

The only thing that rattles Taco is calling him a “Turtle”

Taco the Tortoise (Centrochelys Sulcata)

Director of Productivity

Employed by Compass Consulting since 2013, Taco serves as company Director of Productivity and has a lifetime commitment to the company. Utilizing his innate abilities, Taco is primarily responsible for project expediting and setting an overall steady pace at the office. His Tortoise and the Hare philosophy has had a positive effect on our staff, having taught them the patience and persistence necessary to bring a true consultative approach to our client engagements. Known affectionately as the ‘Oracle of Compass,’ his purposeful and deliberate methods help the team to develop tortoise shell-hardened solutions that are delivered on time, on budget, and ones that exactly match our clients’ requirements.

The snail and I are friends. We just get down to work, take the time to catch the details, and always keep moving forward.

As a tortoise, Taco lacks a hippocampus, a fact for which he is proud. As such, his thought process is free from emotion and external distractions. He attributes his high degree of logic and objective thinking to the absence of a hippocampus, and he leverages his medial cortex for his strong decision making capabilities.

My favorite song is Slow Ride… it speaks to me.

While Taco is not especially social, he is a great communicator. In his characteristically laconic words, “just watch me.”

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