Rid Your Organization of ROT

ROT is Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial content that increases storage costs, lengthens the time to locate relevant information, creates extensive re-work or even new authoring, creates an invironment of inefficient knowledge sharing, and ultimately causes staff to become disillusioned with the process. In short, ROT is a significant cost to your company.

Compass Consulting has the experience, business process knowledge and technical know-how to undertake a full assessment of your company’s content. We specifically focus on duplicate and obsolete content. Based on the results of this assessment and discussion with key stakeholders, a cleanup phase is implemented to remove targeted content. The typical result of this exercise is a dramatic reduction of storage and maintenance costs, and tangible improvement in overall content quality and end-user experience. In addition, Compass Consulting will review the benefits of our enterprise-class DiVA Document Management Solution, and can implement low-cost, high-return integrated document management and SharePoint solutions.

Help reduce server and content storage costs
Remove duplicate content
Remove misleading content
Improve content relevancy

[@encode@ email=”info@divasolutions.com” display=”Contact us”] for more information on saving on costs with ROT Removal.

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