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If you have off-site staff that needs to remotely connect to your organization’s network or cloud resources to access email, databases or other mission critical office systems, our remote computing solutions can help. Citrix is the industry-standard in remote access software that allows organizations to deliver and manage applications over internal networks, cloud-based solutions, and the Internet. All information remotely accessed via Citrix is secure and stored on your organization’s local or cloud-based network, thus enabling administrators to easily manage security, business software, and backup important files.

Users can connect to a Citrix solution from anywhere there is an Internet connection, and they will only have access to the applications you allow. Applications are installed centrally on your organization’s Citrix server(s) and are delivered in a secure environment. This reduces IT costs significantly. The delivery of Citrix applications to your users makes for an experience that is identical to that of applications that are installed and running locally on their computers, providing a seamless connection to the applications they need to perform their jobs.

Cost savings are significant, too! With Citrix, management of your applications is drastically reduced because applications are installed centrally—no more support of remote office workstations or mobile laptop applications. And the cyclical replacement time for internal and remote computers is significantly extended, as those machines no longer require upgrades to work with new, more robust applications that require more processing power.

If you have remote sales staff, remote office, home-office users, or are preparing for pandemic-related work-from-home situations, Citrix is the solution. Give us a call today to learn more!

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