Software Development (Dev) and Network Operations (Ops)

DevOps – new workplace philosophies paired closely with infrastructure management processes and toolsets allowing firms to deliver applications and services at higher velocity. Because organizations such as Compass Consulting are evolving faster than their traditional counterparts, product testing is conducted in smaller increments, clients are brought to the table sooner, and deliveries are realized with increased automation. The software development team (Dev) and the network operations team (Ops) are no longer siloed entities, but instead paired closely to produce rapid deployments that accurately match customer needs and tear down the walls between departments.

What causes a project to stall or fail?  Has the project exceeded the time estimate?  Is change management a tool or a chore? These are all very real problems in today’s Information Technology marketplace. But when a staff of developers and engineers is intimately familiar with automation, specialty toolsets (such as Docker, Jenkins, Ansible), and dynamic deployments, technical debt is alleviated and automation efficiencies are maximized.

Lightning-fast workflows bring a new need for quality control and acceleration tools to catch issues early and compile code quickly. DevOps ambassadors are successfully using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices in which foundations are provisioned in containers then managed using code and software development techniques, eliminating the need to manually set up and configure resources. Now defined by code rather than manual setup, changes are tracked in code repositories and can be easily rolled back,  and servers can quickly be deployed using standardized patterns or duplicated over and over again.

Please contact us to discuss how we can develop means to better serve your customers, test applications more effectively, and ultimately be more competitive in the market. We are eager to hear your company’s unique story.

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