Software Maintenance

Protect Your Software Application Investments

Completed software applications that are in a production environment are often overlooked when it comes to ongoing maintenance. If you’re a small to medium business, you have likely hired a project-based consultant or an outside contractor to develop your in-house applications. In doing so, has maintenance of the application’s code base and the associated databases been taken into account? If not, code can begin to ‘rot’, meaning it will slowly deteriorate over time, eventually leading to the software becoming faulty, unusable, and in need of upgrade. While software does not actually physically decay, it will suffer from a lack of responsiveness with respect to the changing environment in which it resides.

Compass Consulting’s Application and Database Managed Services deliver proactive maintenance and optimization tasks that will prevent issues from occurring, and will maintain acceptable end user performance and functionality. Services include:

  • Optimization of Index and Query Plan usage

  • Management of database file groups

  • Regular review of database caching settings

  • Review of database server optimization logs, file and data integrity checks, and maintenance plan logs

  • And much more

Our Software Solution Management Services provide a comprehensive set of services that help you maintain, operate, and continually improve upon your software application investments. Our programs also give you a single point of contact for incident and problem management, proactive guidance to prevent issues and reduce downtime, and the opportunity to outsource operational activities and enhancements that increase your solution’s value and reduce internal management costs.

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