Many statistics have emerged about the percentage of businesses that ultimately fail after catastrophic data loss. Figures range from 40% to 95%.  Regardless of which is more accurate, the odds are not good. Disasters that cause network downtime, or worse yet, unrecoverable loss of data, are one of the biggest risks to your company. With that in mind, Disaster Recovery Planning must be a priority. Start with estimating the cost of downtime to your company. Include loss of revenue, productivity, business closure, etc. Then prepare a budget with the mindset that you are buying insurance to reduce the risk and mitigate the consequences of disaster. And don’t forget … an effective Disaster Recovery Plan is only as good as a well-documented Business Continuity Plan. A Disaster Recovery Plan details the policies and procedures to get a business back up and running after planned or unplanned downtime. A Business Continuity Plan is designed to keep your company operating during downtime.


Need help? Give us a call and speak with one of our experienced Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Specialists. Ask about our Unified AppAssure Backup, Replication and Recovery Solution. With near-zero-time restores, it will definitely put your mind at ease – and it could save your company from disaster!

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