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Website Hosting Excellence with Concierge Service

You can now get the exceptional service you’ve come to expect from Compass Consulting for your website hosting needs, too. Compass Consulting provides a fast, reliable, and secure hosting environment with 24x7x365 support in a controlled environment backed up by a staff of experienced administrators. Include your website hosting with Compass Consulting as part of your overall cloud strategy.

Just Trying to Get Your Site Up?

You’ll have direct access to our network and software engineers and get the concierge service you need to quickly get past those frustrating problems that delay your site launch or upgrades.

Peace of mind—Just as we do with your internal networks, we pay particular attention to the security and backup of your websites. Ongoing monitoring of your websites, servers, and cloud resources ensures a high level of security, and we verify on a daily basis that backups and replication of your mission-critical data have occurred successfully. This extra attention guards against the loss of information and preserves your site’s integrity.

Types of Hosting:

  • Shared Web Hosting Service

    Where a number of websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. Each site “sits” in its own section on the server to keep it separate and secure from other sites.

  • Dedicated Hosting Service

    A company or organization has their own dedicated server and only their websites reside on it.

  • Email Hosting

    Compass Consulting now provides email hosting enhanced by technologies provided by our partner SonicWall.

With constantly evolving security threats, relying only on internal anti-virus/anti-spam protection is not enough. Stop threats BEFORE they get inside your network. Coupled with our e-mail hosting packages, SonicWall’s Spam Filtering services will protect you 24×7 from the wide range of spam, virus, spyware, and fraudulent phishing attacks.

All clients hosting their emails through our service receive the benefits of:

  • Server-side Spam Filters

  • Server-side Anti-virus Protection

  • Webmail

  • Web-based access to manage Quarantines, Blacklists and Activity Reports.

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