The challenge… you’ve exhausted all efforts trying to find an off-the-shelf solution for your software requirements. Nothing quite fits your unique business model, which gives you your competitive edge — you don’t want to lose this. So you strike out to find a software developer that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.

It’s said that, “Good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good.” Said another way, hourly rates, by themselves, can be very deceiving. The fact is low hourly rates rarely equate to an inexpensive software project. Software development is a complex process that requires an experienced firm. Failure is a very real and expensive possibility. Some estimates suggest that 50% of all software development projects end up failing. Here’s why:

  • Unqualified, low-cost programmers with limited skill sets.
  • Changing or poorly understood project requirements.
  • Communications issues between the contractors and the client.
  • Unrealistic time frames.
  • Insufficient project budgets.
  • Use of subcontracted or off-shore development when not dictated by project scope.
  • Lack of buy-in from management.

Regrettably, much of our software development business comes to us on the heels of prior unsuccessful (and costly) attempts. These experiences leave clients feeling hopeless and with little trust in the process – they can’t find an off-the-shelf solution, and they can’t find a qualified custom software development firm. What to do? First, what exactly IS a “successful” software project?

How to qualify “success”?

  • Total cost of deliverable in terms of dollar cost and time to completion.
  • Is the completed project of high quality and is it easy to use?
  • Did the competed software meet or exceed the business needs?
  • Was the end-product enhanced by the development team’s analysis of your needs and practical understanding of your business?
  • Is the software self-sustainable and easily modified as business needs change?

How does Compass Consulting meet these challenges?

  • All of our software engineers are full-time staff with a minimum 10 years of experience.
  • All projects are overseen by a specified project manager.
  • Regular project status updates are issued to our clients, and direct access to the lead developer is always provided and encouraged.
  • Compass maintains their own development staging servers and provides access to the ongoing project during development.
  • We follow an established and time-tested software project management methodology that includes initial client consultations, in-depth requirements and functional analysis, specification development with clear deliverables and project timeline, approval and change order processes, software development, internal testing and revisions, end-user/client acceptance, implementation and final deployment. Adhering to these methods creates a collaborative and organized environment where management and end-users alike are part of the process start-to-finish, with no surprises along the way.
  • We recommend moving completed projects to our robust data center operation, which provides the ultimate in hosting options and an exceptional level of customer service. Your software and sites will benefit from our proactive security, monitoring, backup and rapid response systems.
  • Fixed-price quotes are available for all projects. No additional charges are incurred for in-scope work (clearly defined and approved in the project specification).
  • Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal – this one thought never leaves our mind.

If you’re interested in having that custom solution that will grow with your company, fits your needs (and not the other way around) and integrates with your other systems, then you’re only a phone call away. We’re here to help … please call us

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