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Welcome to the New “Normal” 

It wasn’t long ago now that 2020 hit us hard with a very challenging “welcome to the new normal.” For some, the transition to working remotely was quite challenging. For many, it was an imperative. At Compass Consulting, we leverage cloud computing technologies with our cloud offering, Compass XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service). With a cloud-based solution, you’re able to access your “office” from anywhere—whether that’s a hotel room on a business trip or from what is potentially your new “normal” office in your own home. While not all businesses are considered “essential” enough to remain open during these though times, that doesn’t mean that your business is not essential—especially to your valued clients. With Compass XaaS all you need is access to the internet to continue your work.  

 Virtual Desktops and Phone Systems 

One thing that COVID has shown us is that many businesses are fully capable of operating remotely. It’s no longer necessary to drive an hour into the office to get access to your network, desktop, or answer your office phone. As a Certified Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Compass Consulting leverages Azure cloud computing technologies such as Azure Virtual Machines, Storage Accounts, Managed Disks, SQL databases, and more, while providing high availability and scalable performance. We’re also a RingCentral Partner and can convert your office landline phones to a VoIP (Voice-OverIP) system. This is a cloud-based, scalable solution that is the future of telephone communications today. Whether your office needs 5 extensions or 5,000, with a VoIP system there is no central equipment to buy, ever. Your system is hosted, maintained, and upgraded off-site. 

With cloud computing solutions, such as Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS), you simply log in and access your desktop from home just as you would at the office—you’ll experience the same desktop everywhere you go. With a VoIP phone system, if someone calls your sales department, that call can be set up to ring to all sales associates’ phones simultaneously, or to your phone first, however you would like it configured. You’re no longer confined to your cubicle, and frankly, you may not ever be able to go back to your cubicle (or want to). Think about the freedom. 

So why else does XaaS work so well? You’re no longer spending excessive amounts of money on physical server and network hardware that’s diminishing in value from the moment it’s implementedCostly cyclical workstation replacement can be greatly extended or even eliminated with a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. And the indirect costs for energy consumption and office space requirements also are reduced. Capital expenditures are significantly reduced, and you’re left with predictable monthly operations expenditures. Your data is hosted in a secure location, in the cloud, available from anywhere, and it’s constantly being backed up. The programs you use are always up to date. By incorporating cloud-based Risk Management strategies and up-to-date security updates and patches, Compass can ensure your company the ultimate in business continuitydisaster recovery preparedness, and adherence to corporate governance requirements. 

So What DYou DNow? 

At this point you’re either: 

  1. Working from home to the best of your ability 
  2. Scheduling employees so that there is appropriate social distancing occurring at the office  
  3. Working successfully and productively from home in your virtual environment, as is the rest of your office, and things are running smoothly 

If option C doesn’t describe your current situation, then something may need to change. The benefits of Compass XaaS, a cloud-based solution, are simply unparalleled. Reduced IT costs, increased security, performance, and mobility. If it sounds like you need a planwe have that plan. 

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