Underutilized Technological Innovations

technological innovationsThere is a treasure trove of truly innovative technologies that have been around for some time but are still underutilized. Hiring an IT consulting firm to review your current network configurations and business process management can help leverage those technologies in your organization’s favor while enabling your company to stay ahead of the competition.

As a cloud technology and managed-services provider, Compass Consulting serves the SMB market (Small- and Medium-sized Businesses) and works regularly with SMBs to ensure their systems are the most efficient and reliable as possible. While this means staying on top of ever-changing technology innovations so that we can recommend solutions that best fit the budgets and goals of the organizations we serve, it also means recommending existing “innovative” technologies that initially may have been out-of-reach of the average SMB.

We complied an outline below of the most underutilized technological innovations available to SMBs, empowering them to leverage innovation that works to their benefit:

Virtualization: Many SMBs are missing out by not capitalizing on the benefits of virtualization such as centralized management, disaster recovery readiness, secure data backup & restoration, reduction of workstation replacement costs, instant mobility and more.

• Electronic Document Management: The right-sized document management solution helps SMBs realize important savings in cost and resources through enhanced document filing & retrieval techniques, 100% electronic collaboration, reduced document storage fees, and higher customer satisfaction, etc.

• Remote Computing: Now available at reasonable price points, this underutilized innovation provides secure, remote delivery of network resources and applications to your end users, making your SMB workforce instantly mobile, allowing users to work from anywhere, thus bringing tangible improvements to performance and productivity.

Voice-over-telephone/VoIP: Ongoing cost savings can be realized by requesting a complimentary phone bill audit from your IT consultant. You will be surprised by how replacing your Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) with a customized VoIP solution can enhance your bottom line. VoIP delivers numerous great features including unlimited calls, free long distance calls, voicemail to email, auto attendants, call queues and automatic failovers, enhancing the way your organization conducts business and presents itself to its clientele.

So what does leveraging innovation really entail? It means taking a meaningful look at how a company has always done business, and re-thinking how new and innovative technological solutions can support responsibly planned changes to business processes that will yield a far greater financial return (ROI), improve the quality of and redefine the objective (ROO), all of which will result in a shorter ROI and better project results.

With the right help and experienced technology guidance you can get a lot more bang for your buck!


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