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clientsCamarillo experienced record heat this past week. The mercury bubbled up to 95 degrees at the Camarillo Airport.

This excessive heat triggered a localized power outage causing a Saturday afternoon failure on one of our client’s networks. Our automated remote monitoring system immediately notified us of the problem and the Compass 24x7x365 on-call team responded within minutes. No one was present at our client’s office, so we notified them, arrived onsite, and we were quickly able to resolve the issue and get everything back up and running.

What we didn’t know is that the owner of the company came in on Sunday to finish an important project and (in their words) “he had not but a clue there was any issue – GREAT JOB and THANK YOU!”

Our team was so fast and thorough that no one even noticed there was an issue. This is the high standard we set for ourselves and it is so gratifying and appreciated to hear how well it serves our clients. Maybe a Compass Consulting Managed Services Plan is in your company’s future?

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